What to wear at 40!

To look fabulous at 40, you need to know what to wear to bring out the best of your natural looks. Obviously, most of the decisions you make will depend upon your body type, but there are some general tips that work regardless of what shape you are.


We're all betrayed by our necks after a certain age. Wear your collar up if you feel too exposed in this area, it's also a good look to add a choker, a large(ish) necklace or a scarf. This is for when you're not wearing a roll neck, polo neck or turtle neck jumper. There is no need to cover your neck all the time as though it's some dirty secret, but for the days when you are feeling a little more exposed than usual, or need an extra boost, they fit the bill perfectly.

red shoes,


Proper shoes are a must if you want to be glamourous and look fabulous at 40. If you're simply off to post a letter up the road and must wear trainers, do so but with appropriate clothing to match.

Heels will make your legs look longer. Skin/nude tone heels will make your legs look like they're never ending. This colour shoe looks extremely effective when worn with a coloured dress.


There is no need to wear all your jewellery at once. Select only one or two items that complement each other. If it's costume jewellery, throw it away as soon as it begins to tarnish or shows signs of wear and tear.

Wear a big belt or a big necklace, not both. Small of each is fine. You'll just make yourself look cluttered otherwise.


Grooming is essential. If it has a button missing or the hemline is down, there is a stain on it or it is just plain old - fix it or bin it, but don't put it on!

Emphasise your strengths

When it comes to deciding what to wear, know your body's good points and work with them. If you have good legs, emphasise them with a knee length skirt and heels; if you have a good waist, put it on show with slim fit clothes and a belt where appropriate. Do you still have good arms? Well, lucky you, most women over 40 hesitate to wave somebody off with bare arms(!!) but if this holds no fear for you, wear sleeveless tops, even if you do have to keep a cardigan near by, and wave away.

Find the positives

Once we reach 40, it’s time to stop worrying about the part of our body we least like – be grateful if your body is in full working condition! Instead, highlight everything about your body that you do like. And we all have something. Women who don't have a waist are usually blessed with long slim legs. If you feel that you are overweight, you probably have a wonderful cleavage. And as for having a big behind, many celebrities have made it completely acceptable, in fact desirable. Embrace it. I have never read of a survey which confirms that men prefer very slim women over more shapely women.

Good at any age

Don't make the mistake of thinking that as you get older you should avoid horizontal stripes, jackets that end mid-thigh level or capri pants. To my mind, these clothes are not age dependent, they are shape dependent. If you are still slim, you can go on wearing these clothes indefinitely. If you are larger, you really shouldn't wear these clothes, whatever age you are.

You don't have to be super skinny to benefit from the look of fitted clothing, which is not to be confused with tight clothing.

Style over Substance Whilst not wanting to look like a museum exhibit, it is worth considering that once over the age of 40, keeping up with the trend and wearing it head to toe can look as though you are wearing a uniform.

To look fabulous at 40, a simple nod to the current trend is all you need. It's a far more alluring look altogether to embrace your classier self having found your own style. This is your signature and makes you, you.

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