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To stay looking young, you need to know what foods to eat. If you fed your car a diet of lemonade, then I guess you wouldn't be surprised when it didn't start. Amazingly though, most people constantly feed themselves food which is not nutritious and is positively harmful to the body. Is it a great surprise then when they don't stay as slim, energetic or as youthful as they would like to be?

Food is the fuel that drives your body through the day. If you persist in thinking of food solely as entertainment, as your luxury item of the day, then you're likely to age just as fast as everyone else!

I'm afraid I have to be tough with you here! There isn't any easy way - it's time for a change of mindset. And yes, if you're serious about staying young, then you can do it!!!

Beauty secret: Learn to love the foods you should eat

The first most important factor to staying young is staying out of the sun. Being savvy about what foods to eat is the second most important factor.

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There are a vast amount of nutrients that our bodies require each day. However, there are only a limited number of calories that we should eat. Take a look at any health style magazine and you will be amazed at the amount of recommended nutrition - ideally, you should have oily fish for joints and brain power, dark coloured berries as anti-oxidants, wholemeal grains for vitamin E.....the list is endless.

If you eat a white cheese roll with crisps and a chocolate bar for lunch, you have eaten a meal's worth of calories but have taken in very few of the essential nutrients.

The only logical way to satisfy your body's daily requirements is not to waste calories taking in worthless food that gives no nutritional benefit.

You may wonder where the fun is in all this. The fun will come if you persevere with a healthy diet. Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing a younger, slimmer, fitter you. Your positivity will increase, you'll begin to feel much happier in yourself and you'll find following a healthy diet easier and easier!

And here's the second benefit. After a year of shunning bad foods, your body and your taste palate will start to adjust. You will no longer crave chocolates and cheese and other goodies (baddies!). Instead, the healthier foods which you once wouldn't eat in a million years suddenly seem far more appetising and something you look forward to.

Beauty secret: Change your eating habits and before long your palate will change too!


Some people are amazed by my 'healthy' eating habits. They couldn't imagine following my diet for a day, let alone a lifetime. However, I can genuinely say that I love the food I eat and look forward to it as much as some look forward to a cream cake.

If finding out what foods to eat sounds rather tough then you will pleased to hear some good news:

You can improve your digestion, overall health and look by improving the way you eat without changing what you eat. Learn more on what foods to eat by reading my eating tips.

But if you are really serious about looking young, you'll need to make adjustments to your diet. Read about the issues over white flour, what to drink, wine health and how to stop eating too much by changing your diet to include cooling food.

Find out also about oils and fats and the healthy diet which will keep you beautiful.

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