Vitamins and Minerals - Your Questions Answered

We've already established that vitamins and minerals are important in staying young and health. Here, let's get into more detail and answer your questions on specifics:

I eat quite healthily? Do I need to take vitamin supplements?

Improving our diets would be by far the best remedy for insuring our nutritional intake is satisfactory, but most of our diets fall woefully short of the recommended daily requirements of 5+ servings of fruit and vegetables per day, along with plenty of whole grains and dairy produce.

Though I recommend that most people should take vitamins and minerals, you would particularly benefit from taking supplements if you:

  • smoke
  • live in a polluted area
  • have allergies or intolerances and so avoid certain food groups
  • suffer from stress

Which vitamins are the most essential for staying young?

The real stay young wonder vitamins are C and E.

Vitamin C contains wonderful quantities of bioflavonoids and these work in synergy to produce anti-oxidants to keep all the nasty free radicals away from damaging your skin cells and is a good defence against ageing.

Vitamin E also protects your skin from free radicals with its particular forte being against sun damage. It's thought that it will even REPAIR skin damage caused by the sun. It keeps skin cells moist and holds back the onset of lines and wrinkles.

Which vitamins should I take for health reasons?

If you are constantly under the weather with colds or other infections, cuts that won't heal, constant bruises etc. or you are feeling stressed and you feel that your nervous system needs some support before you start losing your hair, I would suggest vitamins B and C.

If you live in a colder climate, and almost never go out in the sun and don't eat oily fish, margarine and fortified cereals, then I would definitely supplement my diet with vitamin D as a separate vitamin. Taking them separately like this gives you the full recommended daily amount.

If none of the above applies, I would just take a general, multi vitamin as a back up. In all cases, it is important to try and find vitamins derived from natural sources and not synthetic ones. Your health shop sales advisor will be able to point you in the right direction.

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