Vitamin E Health Secrets - it's the vital vitamin for staying young

Vitamin E

Time to discover some Vitamin E health facts!

In so many ways this is the most worthwhile vitamin of all with regard to youthful beauty. It protects your skin very well against free radicals and many scientists say that it will actually repair skin damage caused by the sun. It will keep your skin cells moist and will help guard against wrinkles, delaying ageing and helping you look younger for longer.

This vitamin works just as well applied topically as it does through ingestion. Within minutes of applying pure vitamin E to areas of the skin, it can be traced in the bloodstream. It is also potent as an anti-oxidant, maintaining the strength of cellular membranes.

Vitamin E can be applied to burns to help prevent scars appearing and to old scars to help lessen the damage. Although all of the vitamins mentioned are beneficial to the body with regard to the ageing process, this is probably the most beneficial with regard to maintaining youthful looks.

avocado, vitamin E

This vitamin can be found in high concentration in leafy green vegetables, wheatgerm, nuts and seeds, plant oils and avocados. However, I strongly recommend taking a vitamin E supplement.

Beauty secret: Take a vitamin E supplement - it's wonderful for staying young

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