Vitamin C Health Secrets to keep that youthful glow!

Do you know your Vitamin C health facts? Vitamin C is always found in nature together with chemical compounds called bioflavonoids. Together, they act as a powerful anti-aging combination. The bioflavanoids are anti-oxidants and are responsible for increasing the effectiveness of this vitamin, helping the body to absorb iron and maintaining healthy blood vessels.


Now, many of you will have heard that you can find this vitamin in fruit and vegetables. That's true but there's a catch.

With the ample time delay from the picking to the eating of fruit and vegetables, it should come as no surprise to learn that their anti-oxidant and vitamin C levels are often way lower than you might hope by the time you eat them. This is particularly true of ready prepared produce. This is because as soon as fruit or vegetables are peeled and cut, vitamins begin to seep out through the cut surface.

That's why I strongly recommend taking vitamin C supplements. It's particularly important if you live in a polluted area or smoke.

If I take this vitamin as a supplement, can I cut down my fruit and vegetable consumption?

No! Don’t make the mistake of not bothering with fruit and veg because it may not be bursting with this wonderful vitamin. These foods contain essential nutrients and fibre that is essential to keeping that youthful glow. So, still continue to eat plenty of them.

Try to eat these fruit and veg raw if you can and include red berries, onions and if you can stand it, the pith of oranges.

Do I need to take it to help anti-aging?

The combination of this vitamin and bioflavonoids working in synergy to protect my skin from cell damaging free radicals is gold dust in a bottle as far as I'm concerned!

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