Vitamin B Health - Boost your Nervous System!

Discover Vitamin B health benefits and you'll soon improve your looks as well! Vitamin B aids the breakdown of fats and proteins, and of carbohydrates into glucose, and helps the nervous system. It's also beneficial for skin, eyes, liver and hair.

Food sources include: red meats, green and yellow fruit and vegetables, and whole grains including oats.

fruit, gooseberries

Without this vitamin, the nervous system will not function properly and in many cases, hair loss will occur. Signs of this deficiency include poor muscle tone, and skin which burns easily.

If you don’t eat meat, you will lack B12 as this vitamin is not produced in plant products.

Do I need to take this vitamin for health reasons?

Our diets are often so poor and riddled with refined foods that a vitamin B complex boost is almost essential for everybody.

It's even more important to take it if you suffer from stress.

When we are stressed we deplete our bodies of vitamin B which often leads to hair loss and so a supplement of B complex should be taken.

Will it help with anti-aging?

It protects the skin in the sun which in itself is a good reason to take it. It also helps even out skin colour and protects against graying falling hair and poor muscle tone.

How should I take it?

This vitamin is divided into many categories but I would recommend that when you are taking it as a supplement, always take a complex, that is, the whole range of B vitamins and not just a single strain.

vegetables, cucumbers

This is because they all work together and to take, say, the B1 and the B12 without any of the others can cause an imbalance. Furthermore, you should take a complex which has all the vitamins in the same quantity eg. 25g.

The only exception is that vegetarians may need to take B12 separately to replace the B12 that meat would otherwise have provided.

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