Toning for Women to keep you Young and Supple

Toning for women is vital if you wish to maintain a sound mind and body and stay looking young. Exercise, as you will know, has many positive effects. It not only makes you fitter, it improves your general health and sense of well being. Its many benefits include weight loss and added tone to the body.

Exercising also reduces your risk of

  • heart disease
  • certain cancers
  • high blood pressure
  • developing type 2 diabetes
  • developing osteoporosis
Osteoporosis is prevalent in women around the menopause and it does nothing to aid your youthful allure if you are bent double with brittle bones.

You'll be pleased to know, however, that I'm not going to be recommending a vigorous training regime. Despite being Britain's number one gymnast in my youth when I spent many hours a week pushing my body to the limit, I don't believe that you need to be demanding on your body if you wish to stay young and healthy.

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Jogging and long distance running

If long distance running or other endurance events is your thing, then please don't let me stop you - after all, it will keep you very fit.

However, I personally am not convinced that jogging or long distance running is that beneficial in the fight against aging. Instead, toning for women is essential. After all, we are descended from cave men and they used to run in short busts, not over long distances, to catch their prey. Besides, the constant thumping and jarring of the bones experienced by long distance runners is bound to ultimately have a negative effect.

Stretching and Strengthening

I strongly believe that gentle stretching rather than punishing routines is the key to making you look young. As you grow older, you'll notice a gradual stiffening in your joints, and it is this which is a give away sign of your age. Unless you stretch on a daily basis, your lack of suppleness will eventually start to show.

The key on the exercise front to staying young is:

  • do gentle stretching on a daily basis
  • do toning and strengthening regularly
  • do some extra exercise daily - running up and down the stairs a few times may suffice, though the more you do the better

The great news here is that none of this requires expensive equipment and there's no need to join a local gym.

Talking of which, face exercising is a great way to minimise those dreaded wrinkles without buying expensive creams.


Toning for women - specific exercises

I shall focus on the parts of the body which are visible and so are particularly important to maintain in good condition if you with to look young.

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Keeping a fresh looking face is so important if you want to look young. So try out these all important face exercises - I don't miss a day without doing them!!

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