Teeth Flossing and the Wonderful Waterpik

The dreaded teeth flossing!

Ever come across the following:

Flossing. What a chore. I can't be bothered, right? I'll just go to bed tonight because I'm tired but I'll do it tomorrow, and anyway, it hurts.

I have! Step forward my boyfriend. Well, that was before I introduced him to a wonderful thing called a waterpik.

Introducing the wonderful waterpik

Waterpik's are advertised as being up to 93% more effective than normal flossing at helping your gums - and I believe it! A waterpik does the job of dental floss only better and without the discomfort. It is significantly more effective than dental floss at reversing gingivitis and certainly does not have any torturous side to it whatsoever.

It's easy to use too. You just fill the reservoir with water and go. Don't be put off at your first few attempts. It takes a while to get a proper control of the situation and you will find water running down your arm to start with. It also takes a little practice to turn it off before removing if from your mouth and you will jet spray the walls in the first week once or twice before you get really good!

Don't be put off, though. Before you get good control of it you will wonder if it's working at all. Keep going with it and once you learn to use it properly you will really feel it working.

I actually really enjoy using mine. I fill it with warm water as it is more comfortable and I can feel the water shooting in between my teeth. The whole thing is done in about 90 seconds and if that really is too much for you I don't know what will entice you to look after your gums! But ponder on the thought that false teeth must be quite a bother too!

Don't hesitate in improving your teeth flossing! Put it in your to-do list. Make sure you buy a waterpik in the next 7 days if you don't yet have one!

Taking care of your tongue

Well, you're all set now, clean teeth and gums. But wait! What about your tongue? Stick that out at the mirror and you might just get an unpleasant surprise. Ghastly as it sounds, could you actually scrape anything off it? If you can, then your tongue is not clean and the chances are that it will be giving you bad breath that you probably aren't even aware of. Of course, others will be.

You will find tongue cleaners in the toothbrush section of your local drug store. They are about the same price as a basic toothbrush, and, if mine is anything to go by, last much longer. I just put a little toothpaste, sometimes with baking soda on it, and clean, firmly but gently. You will gag a few times but don't let it put you off. Just don't go so far back next time. Rinse properly and stick your tongue out to check that it is pink and clean.

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