Wonderful sun cream protection!

Do you want the best sun cream protection? And what makes a perfect sun cream?

Well, the skin is very porous and will absorb whatever you put on to it into your bloodstream. With that in mind, I try to use on my face only what I would happily eat. There will always be some exceptions of course and I find that sun care protection is one of them.

I have tried to make my own sun protection as well as experimenting with shop bought protection. My criteria must be that the product protects me well from both UVA and UVB rays.

I’ve always been more concerned with the UVA protection since UVA is the aging ray. However, until the ‘80’s, it was only possible to purchase products that gave protection for UVB, as UVA was considered a healthy ray and not at all damaging.

I also expect my sun protection to

  • be mineral, not chemical
  • sink in properly on application
  • not look thick and white on the skin like many high protection products
  • work in conjunction with moisturiser and make up.

Before I found the sun cream that is perfect for me, I tried different products every month. Using chemicals products was precisely what I was trying to avoid. However, for long, I kept resorting to chemical products simply because I couldn’t find a mineral protection that worked.

I have other criteria too! Different areas of the body require different creams. The eye area for instance requires a very fine molecule, as the area is so delicate. The body can take a larger molecule and the face, somewhere in between. I recommend separate creams for your eye area, your face and your body.

Anyway, after years of searching I have finally found the perfect cream.......

Clarins UV Plus Day Screen High Protection in SPF 40.

face care cream, face cream

It’s 100% mineral and glides on like a dream. Apply over moisturiser and under foundation. During the day, I simply pat it on over my foundation for a top up. I am assured by the Clarins lady that this perfect cream will work just as well this way. I have been using this constantly for about 2 years now and I can’t see myself switching brands now. Occasionally, I do try out a different cream ‘just to see’ and I always end up using it on the backs of my hands just to finish it off and go back to the Clarins UV Plus.

I’ve done the research for you. It fits all my criteria perfectly. All you have to do is go and get it!!!

This cream will keep your skin as youthful as possible. So are there any downsides to Clarins UV Plus? Well, just one - the price. It costs £26.50 here in the UK.

Expensive, maybe. But is it worth the extra cost. Yes, yes, yes!

My cream, used 3 times a day on average on my face and neck, will last me about 6 or 7 weeks. This works out at about £3.00 per week or 50p a day. Not even the price of a magazine!

There are places in health care where you don't need to pay through the nose. But for sun cream protection, don't accept cheaper substitutes!

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The cream that's a dream. Clarins UV Plus. I strongly recommend it.

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