Stay Sugar Free

Why stay sugar free? I can’t think of a single good use for sugar EXCEPT in skin exfoliation and deep hand cleansing and softening. I'll delve into this in more detail in my forthcoming e-book. It has absolutely no place in the human body unless you like rotten teeth and extra weight. Despite the huge number of calories it contains, it carries not one iota of nutrition. Quite simply, sugar is ruining your health and is immensely ageing.

Beauty secret: Take sugar out of your diet.

Well, I never said staying young was going to be easy!

It's bad news for those of you who have a sweet tooth and are hoping to stay young despite your heavy sugar intake. I'm afraid this is another matter where there are no short cuts. Let me give you a few facts then you can make the decision as to whether you should stay sugar free.

Did you know that sugar suppresses the immune system and upsets the mineral relationships in the body? It also interferes with the absorption of protein. This doesn’t just carry beauty threats but is obviously detrimental to health. It is thought that sugar contributes to plenty of diseases including some cancers.

On a purely beauty note, sugar can cause premature ageing as it causes loss of tissue elasticity and function and the more sugar you consume, the more elasticity and function you will lose. It also ages the skin by changing the structure of collagen which is vital to a firm youthful skin as its degradation will lead to wrinkles!

Just about everything contains added sugar. It is in low fat, low calorie cereal, ‘healthy’ yoghurts, brown sauce, baked beans and even cheese and onion crisps. The list is endless, sugar is in everything. Go ahead and look at the labels on the cans and jars in your store cupboard.

It’s not enough that you never put sugar in your tea, or never add it on to your cereal, you are still taking in a sizeable amount of sugar just by opening a can of tomato soup and eating it with some bread for instance. Both contain sugar. Just watch any cookery show on tv and you will notice that no matter what savoury dish the chef prepares, he always adds ‘ a little bit of sugar’ for sweetness.

The way forward......

If you really want wonderful looking skin, it's going to take some will power. You are going to have to change your diet - I hope you think it's worth it. Not only do I look young, I feel healthy too and that is mainly because of my diet.

Ideally, you would follow my example. Take sugar completely out of your diet. However, if you really can't manage that, then do at least try to cut your sugar consumption significantly. The problem is this.....

If you keep taking in sugar, whether you eat a lot or a little, you will keep craving it. This is because you are still feeding your sugar habit whatever amount you are eating. The best way to stop eating sugar is to quite literally – stop eating it. You have to go 'cold turkey'.

At first, your sugar-reduced diet will be hard to keep to. So many products contain sugar and that includes sauces, dressings and toppings. However, over a period of time, your palate will adjust, and after 6 months, say, you will find that sugar isn't such a wonderful taste, after all. In fact, you'll crave the sugar-less taste that you will be getting used to.

So perservere. It really is worth it. Think how you will feel when you're looking wonderful and feeling so young.

How I live without sugar

I'm going to tell you a little about how I manage to stay sugar free. You may well feel I'm extreme and you couldn't follow my lead. That's fine - if that's the case, just make every effort to reduce your sugar consumption. If you want to know more about the diet I follow and recommend, have a look at my diet.

I've been sugar free for years. In restaurants, I always ask the waiter to ensure the chef leaves out the sugar in my food. It is a hassle, but it's worth it. When I go to my friends for dinner, they also know my dietary requirements. I have to say that they are very supportive and often quite fascinated. Many of them have changed their diets too and feel better for it. Even my boyfriend has made steps in the right direction!

Just go for it, go sugar free and your skin and overall health will thank you for it, not to mention your teeth.

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