Hair Styling Tips

Ready for some hair styling tips?

After washing and conditioning your hair in the most gentle way possible, don't ruin all the good you've done by scalding it with a hot hair dryer and teasing it with harsh plastic combs.

There are a few basic rules that you need to adhere to when styling your hair in order to keep as much of the condition as you can.

  • Always handle your hair gently.

  • When your hair is being difficult, still treat it gently!! Too much heat or heavy handling is likely to lead to frizzy hair without style.

  • If possible, let your hair air dry until it's barely damp before you start with the hairdryer.

  • Always use the lowest heat possible on your hairdryer. Keep the hairdryer several inches away from your hair and keep it moving. Move the hairdryer down the length of your hair to keep the cuticle (the outer layer) intact. As soon as this is damaged, it will expose parts of the cortex (the inner layer) and your hair will begin to break and split.

  • Use hair straighteners sparingly and your hair will thank you for it. If you’re not going out, try not to use your straighteners!

  • Learn to use velcro rollers. You will get a nice smooth finish using much less heat.

  • Plan ahead when it comes to hair styling so that you have a few hours to air dry your hair instead of having to use a hairdryer on its hottest setting just before you go out. I can smell the singeing just thinking about it!!

  • Always use a good heat protector before you apply any heat to your hair. This will minimise any damage. This is not an area where I try to save pennies and I find both Kerastase's Ciment Thermique and Nectar Thermique to be fabulous. They reactivate if you freshen up your style between shampoos.

  • Throw away your cheap plastic combs and hard spikey brushes and get yourself some hair friendly equipment. There is no need to go for expensive bristle unless you want to, but if your brush is plastic, do make sure that your brushes have protectors on the end of every bristle, rather like a minute plastic tip.

  • Give your hair a rest from styling when you can and if you have a parting, change its location now and then and when you massage it just to give your scalp a rest.

Well, now it's time for you to follow these styling tips and you'll soon notice the difference!

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