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How do you sleep? Do you sleep right? I used to sleep on my side with my face sideways on the pillow. That’s a quick route to lines and wrinkles. Beauty sleep………ugly sleep!!

After an operation, I had to train myself to sleep on my back. It takes a while but it really is much better for you and you don’t wake up with those crease lines all down your face which don’t go till lunchtime!! Imagine doing that to your face every day for years. Old father time is doing a good enough job marching all over your face – he never strikes or has a day off. Don’t aid and abet him by joining in the destruction.

Beauty secret: If you can, sleep on your back.

Beauty secret: If you can't, at least invest in a silk pillowcase.

For me, silk bedding is one of life's luxuries. I don't think that you can beat the feeling of slipping between silk sheets. However, if I could only have one piece of silk bedding, it would have to be my pillowcase. It certainly helps me sleep right.

Silk is made up from strings of amino acids (proteins), the same pH as our skin. And because of its protein structure, it is the most hypoallergenic of all fabrics and this helps to ease conditions like eczema and asthma. It is also repellent to the hundreds of house mites that commonly live in your bedding and will actively keep them away from your face - and body if you have sheets and covers too. Anything that helps a good night's sleep is helping your beauty quest.

Added to this, silk helps to retain moisture in the skin and minimise wrinkling. When you sleep on cotton, linen or polyester pillow cases, the fabric can actually leach moisture from your skin into the fabric, whereas silk simply does not draw moisture from the skin at all.

silk pillow

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Despite the fact that we ought to lie on our back whilst sleeping, 80% of us still spend eight hours sleeping on our face! On a cotton or man made pillow case, you will wake up to a face like a folded map, whereas a silk pillowcase simply will not put crease lines there at all.

You might think that there is no point trying to sleep on your back if you can simply remain happily on your face so long as you have a silk pillow. Well, it will certainly minimise the damage but you really will be doing yourself and your face a favour if you do make the effort to remain supine. Sleep right and you'll sleep tight by just knowing what good it is doing to your face and complexion!

A further benefit is the good it does to your hair. Just as with your skin, a cotton or manmade pillow will also leach the moisture from your hair. The proteins in a silk pillowcase will prevent frizz and 'bed head'. Of course, you might want that 'just got out of bed' look sometimes, but we all know that just as 'natural make up' is carefully applied, so is 'bed head' hair!!

Whichever way you sleep, do yourself a favour and treat yourself to a silk pillow at the very least. Who knows, you may become as hooked as I am and go back for the full set. On a practical level, silk is cooling in the hot weather and becomes cozy and snuggly in the cold weather. It also dries naturally, very quickly indeed. It wouldn't take you long to get it washed and back on the bed which is a great added bonus.

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