Mineral Supplements for Great Health and Looks

A balanced intake of minerals,taken as mineral supplements, is a great idea for maintaining good health. However, I am going to focus on those minerals which will help you show the ageing process who's boss. Taken internally and applied topically (on your skin), they should become part of your daily diet if you are really serious about staying young and beautiful.

They have many important functions:

  • They improve the structure, elasticity and strength of your skin and hair cells
  • They aid glucose utilisation
  • They convert amino acids into muscle tissue
  • They help our enzyme function

All in all, they help our skin, hair and overall health and youthful look. Now find out about the 4 key minerals that can really help you look young:

  • sulphur ,the beauty mineral that helps hair, skin and nails
  • calcium , which helps bones, muscles and teeth
  • iron which can help your hair and nails, and if you're pregnant
  • and silicon ,another mineral which helps your hair, nails and bones and particularly helps if you're feeling run down.

There are a whole host of minerals, which tend to stay in the body for longer than vitamins, which I haven’t detailed – that would be a whole new web site by itself – but I have highlighted the minerals which I find to be the most beneficial to maintaining that youthful glow.

Unless you are particularly deficient in any one mineral, and a simple blood test will confirm whether you are, I would recommend taking multi mineral supplement which you can take separately or together with multi vitamins to get a good balance of all the minerals. If you are deficient in any particular mineral then take a course of the separate mineral alongside your multi, being careful not to exceed the stated dose. Once any mineral deficiency is corrected, providing you eat a varied diet, it would be unlikely that your mineral levels should become unbalanced again.

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