Make your Teeth Whiter - the Quick Way to a Great Smile

Would you like to make your teeth whiter? Everyone in Hollywood wants to!

Teeth whitening is a great way to improve your smile. Not many of us are born with white teeth, most of us have a yellow tint to some degree, but whiter teeth will take years off your age. This is because children have white teeth, at least for a while.

It is important to understand the distinction between stained teeth and yellow teeth. Certain foods will stain and discolour your teeth. In fact, any food that will stain your clothes will stain your teeth, but foods cannot make your teeth go yellow. This is all down to genetics, so by all means, blame your parents instead.

Yellow teeth need not be a problem any longer though as almost every dentist offers a teeth whitening service these days - and it is a relatively simple procedure. There are two options. You can either have your teeth whitened in the dentists chair, usually over one or two visits, or for a cheaper option, you can take away some moulds and gel do it yourself at home. Done this way, you should see results in about 3 weeks, although I do know somebody who didn't even begin to see any improvements until she had been applying gel for a year!

It is vital that teeth are stain free prior to starting the procedure and the dentist will usually have to clean them first. Also, if you have too many white fillings in the front of your teeth, coloured to match your existing teeth, they may have to be removed and refilled because the fillings won't whiten as your teeth do.

Although your initial reaction might be that to make your teeth whiter isn't cheap, it costs much less than the price of an average holiday, and when you consider what it can do for your appearance, I think you'll find it's well worth it.

You will almost definitely have to repeat the process from time to time. Unfortunately, they will not remain whiter forever and will begin to discolour over time. Between 5 - 7 years is the general thought although that same poor girl who spent a year and a half getting hers whiter, had to repeat the treatment before 2 years were up! However, people rarely revert to the degree of yellow that they first present with.

There are many do it yourself sites popping up regarding whitening your teeth with bleaches usually used for hair. Though I’m not an expert, I wouldn't recommend it. The gums are very porous and this preparation is surely not designed for ingestion. Who knows if you are doing any long term damage to save a little money.

Similarly, some hair salons are offering the service while you have your hair done. I would avoid this too. As a former dental nurse, I have seen some horrific sights regarding teeth and gums and I don't think that your health is worth taking any chances with. I would always go to an established dental practice.

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