Make-up for Older Women

Make-up - our secret ally, particularly as we get older. Let’s face facts – as we age, we will lose some of our looks no matter how many of my beauty tips we follow! The natural look is probably not your best bet once into your 40s. However, the good news is that we mature ladies do glamour and style better than younger girls, as long as we know how to use cosmetics to our advantage.

I’m not a believer in ‘less is more’ – we do need colour to help us out. Of course, overdoing makeup can lead to disaster too – it can drag your face down or draw attention to lines. So it’s a question of balance!

By now, you will have gathered that I prefer not to use chemicals where they can be avoided and cosmetics are no exception. The skin is very porous and it will absorb up to 60% of anything you put on your face in the same way that it absorbs moisturisers and oils.

Given this, I try to use only natural cosmetics and there are plenty of companies that produce chemical free cosmetics. is a favourite of mine because their cosmetics are also organic and they are reasonably priced.

Now, when I say reasonably priced, don't expect to pay the same price for these cosmetics that you would pay for the same sized pot of colour down at your local drugstore. They may look the same, feel the same and look like they do the same job, but they are not the same.

These cosmetics are made with the finest non toxic and organic ingredients and are not loaded with chemicals in the way that shop bought cosmetics are. They are safer to put on your skin and ultimately into your bloodstream. This is one place where it’s worth paying a little more – be kind to your health and your face, and you’ll soon be smiling!

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