Make-up Tips for Older Women

So here we go with a list of make-up tips that will help you make yourself young and beautiful. These tips are aimed at older women but some of you under-40s might pick up some helpful hints too!

Foundation make-up tips

  • If you have a ruddy complexion, try using a green base under your foundation to even it out.
  • When choosing foundation, go for a dewy finish rather than a powdery matte finish. You may need to go lighter as you get older.
  • When shopping for foundation, try it on by your jawline, not on your hand. Go out into the daylight to see how it looks.
  • Pay careful attention to the instructions that come with a foundation. Some require brush application, and some a wet sponge. The method you use will make a huge difference to the finished overall look.
  • Try using a primer before foundation. Your foundation will not sink into your skin with a primer barrier.
  • Don’t dust with powder afterwards unless you want all your fine lines to be centre stage.
Eye make-up tips
  • Fill in brows with powder or pencil and keep tidy with a clear mascara for more definition and a good frame to your eyes.
  • For bigger looking eyes, draw a white line inside the inner rim.
  • Steer clear of browns with any red at all in them. You will bring out the red in your eyes and make yourself look old and tired.
  • Forget 2 coats of mascara, try 3 or preferably 4. You will look like you are wearing lash extensions. Always curl your lashes prior to applying mascara. Don't apply the next coat until the previous one is dry or you will have gunky lashes.
  • If you have green eyes, plum coloured mascara will really bring out the colour.
  • Draw a thin black line along the roots of your top lashes. Your lashes will instantly look thicker and longer.
  • Light eye colour makes eyes look bigger, dark colour makes them smaller.
  • Ask a cosmetic consultant to show you how to shade your cheekbones with bronzer for instant cheekbones and a wonderful looking bone structure.
  • Highlight under the eyes and across the cheekbones to create further illusion of good bone structure.

Blusher make-up tips

  • Contrary to what you may have read, don't apply blusher to the apples of the cheeks. As we age, our face drops and you may find that your blusher ends up to far down your face. Aim for the top of the cheekbones as a general rule.
  • To select the correct shade of blush, consider how you blush naturally. Do you have a pink undertone (cool) or a golden undertone (warm). Black skins have more of a choice and you can choose from a wide array including reds, pinks, browns, mauves, and golden hues.

Lips make-up tips

  • Only use lip pencil if you are confident that you have blended properly. Harsh lip liner is incredibly ageing.
  • Keep lips moisturised and flake free. Otherwise lipstick will look dry and this will age you.
  • If you have thin lips, don't use dark matte lipstick. This will make your lips look worse. Instead use a light, clear gloss and make your eyes the key feature. By the same token, if you have big lips, a light, glossy lip colour will make them look bigger.
  • After applying lipstick, put your index finger into your mouth as far as it will go, purse your lips around it and draw it out. Any lipstick that was destined for your teeth will now come off on your finger.
General make-up tips
  • If you are making a feature of your eyes, wear only a clear or almost clear gloss on your lips; if you are making a big feature out of your lips, then play your eyes down. Feature either the eyes or the lips, not both, or you will look very overdone.
  • Invest in good brushes. It is vital to blend so that no harsh lines or edges are created. This doesn't look good, and will appear ageing.
  • In general, neutral tones look better than stronger colours as you get older. This is not to say that you can't ever use colour, you can, but use it sparingly, and only use one colour on your face at a time. Keep the rest neutral.
  • As we age and our skin dries, we need to keep as much moisture in as possible. Heavy powders will settle into the fine lines and accentuate them, and dry the skin. The aim is to keep the skin looking youthful and moisturised, not heavy and dry. Perhaps it is time to switch to a tinted moisturiser instead of foundation, or mix your foundation with a little moisturiser. The same applies to powder eyeshadow and powder blusher - switch to creams.
  • It's worth spending time at different cosmetics houses in department stores. You will often pick up little tips and it will also keep you updated. Being in a time warp when you are old enough to have lived the era before, isn't retro, just ageing.
  • As you get older, be aware of your changing skin tone which alters to complement your changing hair colour. Just as the same brand of moisturiser wouldn't work for you all your life, nor will the same colour lipstick.
  • It is vital to remove make up at night so that your skin can breathe. Be gentle with your skin and don't pull and drag on when doing so.

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