Looking Great at Any Age!

Looking great always means knowing how to use fashion and clothes to your advantage. And what to wear and what not to wear become a big dilemma when you reach a certain age - around 40 for most women.

All of a sudden, you realise that you don't look good in clothes that in the past afforded you compliments.

Fear not! What you need is a change of mindset, a change of clothes and a realisation of what works for you and what doesn't so that you'll still be looking great at all times.

The key is to realise that us mature ladies do glamour and sophistication far better than our younger counterparts, but this may mean a clearing of the wardrobe first to get started!


The Four Point Plan

Follow my four point plan to get yourself back on track, and the compliments will soon flood in:

First, read starting afresh to learn how you should make a brand new start in your attitude to clothes.

Then, read what not to wear to ensure you don't make mistakes such as pretending to look like a teenager.

Instead, play to your strengths, go for the glamourous look and read what to wear to keep ahead of the competiiton.

Also, check out black is back to discover when you can risk wearing black, often the most glamorous colour, and get away with it.

And for more great ideas on fashion trends, wardrobe planning and finding your style, try

fashion after 50

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