How to Stand

To learn how to stand and walk correctly, you should first do the other exercises suggested. They will improve your balance and let your spine fall into the correct alignment.

Here are some further tips when walking and standing:

  • Keep your ankles, knees and hips relaxed with the knees slightly bent.

  • Rather than focussing on ‘standing tall’, which will simply cause you to tense your muscles, imagine your head sitting high above your spine in balance, and think of your head rising. Over a period of time, this will make your spine stretch.

  • Be aware of your breathing. Pull up at the diaphragm, and gently pull your tummy muscles in.

  • The relaxation in your ankles and at the back of your knees should be such that when you start to walk you almost ‘fall’ into motion with no effort. You should walk using a minimum of energy and tension.

  • Ensure that you don’t lean forward by putting too much weight on the balls of your feet.

As with all posture exercises, the key is persistence. After a while, the new habits will become unconscious. And the great benefit is that you will look taller, slimmer and have fewer back and neck niggles. That’s definitely worth it!

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