How to Breathe

Learn how to breathe? Surely not - everyone can breathe – it’s so easy, you can do it in your sleep!

Actually, it’s estimated that over 90% of people don’t breathe correctly. Think of the consequences of this!!!

Breathing allows you to take in the vital oxygen which is essential to the key processes in your cells. If you don’t breathe properly, you’ll do very few things as well as you could!! Also, learning to breathe deeply allows you to become much more relaxed and removes stress from your life.

The wrong way to do it

Many people breathe in a shallow, tense fashion, and think that breathing is all about letting air in and out of your chest area. Wrong, I’m afraid!

The key to deep breathing is to allow your diaphragm to fully expand – this essentially means allowing air into your body much further down than your chest area. In fact, if you breathe properly, you will feel the area between your belly button and pubic bone expanding considerably.

Sadly, if you breathe without expanding your diaphragm, you do so in an inefficient way which can have dire consequences. You become more vulnerable to stress, illness and disease.

By contrast, breathe properly and deeply and you will give yourself more energy and vitality.

Making the change

If you are serious about learning to breathe properly (and you really should be!), you need to be aware that any changes will need time and practice. You can’t expect to change bad habits of a life time in a few minutes! However, if you are prepared to spend 10 minutes a day and do make the required changes, it could radically improve your health. So let’s go for it!

How to breathe

It’s best to practice this lying down on an exercise mat. Try to relax!

  • Start by placing your hands gently on your lower abdomen so you can feel your belly button with one finger and your pubic bone with another.

  • Draw in breath through your nostrils whilst allowing your lower abdomen to rise. Keep breathing in until your belly button is as high as possible and you can’t breathe in any more. With your fingers, you should feel that your lower abdomen cannot rise any higher.

  • Now breathe out, letting the air rush out of your mouth. Imagine you are blowing out a candle. At the same time, allow your lower abdomen to simultaneously fall.

  • Deep breathing out fully until you cannot push any further air out. Your mouth should be open as if you were whistling. At this point, your lower abdomen should be low and your belly button should be down low towards your spine.

  • Now return to the start, drawing in breathe and allowing your lower abdomen to rise.

When first doing this, exaggerate the process, trying to get in and out as much air as possible. You can be quite energetic about it!

Though it sounds and is simple, if you have been breathing incorrectly for many years, it may take you a while to make the change correctly. Persevere – it’s worth it! You may find at first that you feel a little giddy afterwards – that’s a good sign!

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