Hair Washing Secrets

Secrets of hair washing are essential knowledge if you wish to avoid a lot of bad hair days. And, when you wash your hair, you do need to exercise a little caution. Simple, you’ld think, but a lot of ladies overlook this.

The hairs that leaves our scalp are dead and once they have been ruined, there is no hair product that can restore your hair to its former glory despite the claims of hair companies. Instead, the only nourishment that will benefit your hair is from within.

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With this in mind, you should treat your hair like a fine, delicate lace in order to protect it from as much unrepairable damage as you can.

Here are some great hair washing and conditioning tips.

  • Hair should be detangled and completely saturated before you add shampoo to it.

  • Use water which is warm enough to be comfortable but nowhere approaching hot.

  • Wash your hair in the shower or over the bath but not whilst you are sitting in the bath. How can you remove dust, dirt and grease when you are wallowing in water full of your own dead skin cells and soap products!

  • Use shampoo sparingly – about a teaspoon for short hair and up to a desert spoon for very long hair. Most people use far too much shampoo!

  • Spread the shampoo around the palms of your hands and apply to the roots of the hair only. Use the pads of your fingers, not your nails, to gently massage the shampoo in.

  • If you are using an SLS free shampoo, you will not see much foam but this does not mean that it’s not doing its job properly. You are loosening up all the dead skin cells which are stopping your scalp from breathing.

  • Don't pile your hair up on top of your head as it will cause your hair to tangle and break.

  • Rinse thoroughly in barely warm water. Most people do not rinse enough and this will create limp hair as product is weighing it down. Squeeze as much water from your hair as possible but never wring it.

  • Gently pat your hair dry, do not rub. When hair is wet it is very weak and is at its most vulnerable to stretching and breakage.

  • After you have towel dried your hair, apply conditioner from around the ears down. Unless your hair is bleached or permed, there is no need to apply conditioner further up as you will make it limp.

  • When you rise off the conditioner, use luke warm water. Then gently pat it dry.

  • Now, the best advice here would be to leave your hair to air dry. However, wash 'n' go hair really isn't a great look unless you're beautiful and 16 - if you are, appreciate it while it lasts and when you're 17, click on tips for styling like everybody else!

Now it's time for you to put those hair washing tips and conditioning tips into practice. Do it tonight!

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