Hair Strengthening Techniques

Enjoy the hair you have while you are in your twenties, and even your early thirties – but there will come a point where you are noticing that your hair has become less abundant. Hair, like skin becomes thinner as it ages – it’s a hormonal thing and there’s nothing you can do about that.

However, if you follow all of the following three techniques, you will drastically reduce the thinning of your hair and ensure it retains its youthful glow:

  • scalp massaging
  • using a laser comb
  • taking hair supplements to avoid the dreaded DHT, a chemical which saps your hair of strength

Scalp Massaging

This is a great way to bring nutrients and oxygen to your hair follicles and ultimately give you thicker, healthier hair. The good news is that it also reduces stress.

The key is to massage your scalp every day, even if it’s just for 5 minutes (though I recommend 10!). You can use an oil but it’s not essential – a dry massage done in your lunch break at work will also be of great benefit.

Here’s the technique:

  • Use the pads of your fingertips to apply gentle but firm pressure.
  • Use small circular movements.
  • Make sure you move the skin on your scalp, not just the hair at the roots – doing that, would cause frizz!
  • The skin should remain in contact with your fingertips and not slip around underneath.
  • Make sure you cover the whole scalp.

Laser Combs

The wonderful laser comb is the latest product in the laser therapy market and I strongly recommend you buy one. It works by stimulating the regrowth of scalp hair and strengthening, thickening and improving the quality of existing hair.

Let us know your laser comb experience

I am afraid there is an initial outlay but in the long run, it’s worth it. Prices vary between around $150 and $500, and from my research, you get what you pay for.

Thin and thinning hair runs in my family so I convinced myself to buy one. I must say, I’m very pleased with the results. Having used it for 6 months, I now have thicker hair than many of my friends, and that was never the case before! Since it should last for several years, it’s about the price of a cup of tea per day. Having thick hair at that price is what I call a good bargain!!

The dreaded DHT

One of the reasons we lose hair as we age is down to a chemical called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Androgen is the male hormone which plays an important role in both hair growth and hair loss. The metabolism of androgen gets involved with an enzyme, 5 alpha reductase, which combined with the male hormone testosterone, produces DHT. When DHT reaches the hair follicles, it disrupts the absorption of nutrition, slowly starving the hair of its life force. This causes the follicles to shrink, getting smaller and finer until it stops reproducing and eventually falls out.

How to block DHT

There are plenty of medicinal DHT blockers on the market. They work on the basis that you must take them continually or you will lose the hair that you have regrown. I wouldn’t rule these preparations out but I prefer to explore the most natural methods first, of which there are many.

  • Pumpkin seed oil supplement breaks down DHT via the liver.
  • Green tea taken as a drink or as an extract controls DHT levels.
  • Saw Palmetto is said to be the best DHT blocker. However as it is used in prostrate preparations, it is perhaps best for men rather than women!
  • Concentrated root extract of nettle, often mixed with Saw Palmetto, is another great DHT blocker.
  • Emu oil rubbed topically into the scalp is a great anti-androgen and will help in the fight against DHT.

I use all of the above, changing from one to another regularly, to benefit from all the different kinds of DHT blocker. I also take L-Lysine supplement at the same time since it makes the DHT blockers more effective. Ask your local health food store for details of these supplemetns - they will be able to help out.

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