Hair Secrets and The Reality Check

It took me a long time to realize the hair secrets I now hold dear. First, though, let's talk about how you can get it badly wrong.

Do you ever leave the hairdressers with a great look but then, the next morning,

  • find yourself completely frustrated as you struggle to recreate the look?
  • find your hair with kinks and curls in all the familiar places?
  • still love your look but simply can’t sustain it throughout the day?
Yes, I’m sure we’ve all been there. And there’s nothing worse than looking at your refection in a shop window, and realise you’re looking at a bag lady!!

To look your best youthful self, you have to be practical with regard to your hair. To get the best out of your look, you have to consider very strongly what looks like you and not what looks you like. Perhaps that's the most important hair secret so let's repeat it.

Beauty secret: Choose a style that suits you, not a style you like

Let me give you an example. I have fine hair - and without extensions, I simply can't wear it long. It looks too straggly. Oh, it looks alright, but I want better than alright, I want a look that will put me in my best natural light all day and every day. So, instead I need a style that suits me.

What's needed is a reality check. This took me years to grasp.

So here we go, here are my top hair secrets for making the most of your hair:

  • There is no point trying to force your hair to do something that it doesn't want to do.

  • Unless you are a trained hairdresser, you will not be able to blow dry frizzy hair into smooth locks like the stylist can.

  • Hair that is fine and sparse should not be long.

  • Never set hair into a stiff immovable style. It’s hugely ageing.

  • If your hair is very short, in most cases, wearing it curly will instantly age you.

  • If it's not a style that will last me through the day, there will be parts of the day that I will look like a tramp.

  • All over colour can look very dramatic. On most styles, especially styles with a bit of movement, it can be horribly dull and ageing.

  • As you age, your skin changes tone. With very few exceptions (I'm thinking Elizabeth Taylor) it is not generally a good idea to keep to the same dark colour you had in your youth.

  • Bleaching, perming and hot ironing all ruin your hair. They also have a tendency to keep turning yellow.

  • Dull, bleached, dried out yellow hair is bad enough for young women to wear - the older you get, the more 'expensive' you have to look. To stay youthful, there is no room for cheap do-it-yourself jobs.

  • As a general rule, unless you look great as a hippy, or you are spectacularly beautiful, the 'just washed it and left it' look does nothing for you other than to make you look a little eccentric.

  • No-one ever pulls off a youthful look with graying hair, euphemistically termed 'salt and pepper'. It is a full on, in your face, advertisement that your youth is fading and you feel too old and insignificant to bother to do anything about it.

  • Find out if you have a warm or a cool skin tone and stick with the corresponding hair tone. If you have a pinky skin with blue undertones, (cool) - a golden blonde (warm) will look terrible. And never stray further than 3 shades lighter or darker.

So, there you have it. A whole host of hair secrets that, if you follow them, will benefit your hair. The key to hair care is often simplicity and knowing what suits you.

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