Hair Salon Extensions - My story

This is my hair salon extensions story. If you want some facts about extensions, including synthetic extensions and real extensions, click here . I’m including it so you can make an informed choice as to whether extensions are for you. And here’s the problem:

Many salons and hair extension websites over-emphasize the pros but say little about the cons.

It’s very easy to be seduced by the thought of gaining an instant head of long hair. On websites that sell extensions, you'll find hundreds of glossy photos with before and after pictures, and you'll undoubtedly start dreaming that this might be you.


There really are drawbacks. Read on to find out what they are.

My Story

I’ve had hair salon extensions on several occasions and they made a big difference to my overall look. They made my hair look thicker and instantly longer. As my hair takes forever to grow, the transformation was amazing, if not quite how I wanted it. However, would I recommend them? The answer would be a very cautious ‘ah, well maybe, perhaps!’ It’s a very personal choice and you really won’t know how they are going to work for you unless you try them.

I decided to have hair salon extensions because as well as having fine and slow growing hair, it also doesn’t grow past my chin on either side of my face. It seemed like a very good idea to have extensions to thicken out the sides and take them to the same length as the back. Well, once in the consultation chair, I got carried away with the thought and my original idea of padding out the sides turned into ‘as long as you can, all over please’. Looking back, it was a mistake. I ended up with 600 synthetic extensions, which came down to my waist.

As my hair is so fine and the weight of the synthetic extensions was too heavy for my hair, they pulled continuously. They were extremely difficult and time consuming to maintain and hurt like hell. There was no glue used, instead each strand of hair was plaited in. Sleeping was almost impossible, especially the first few nights and they pulled on my natural hair all the time. Eventually I got the hang of maintenance but it was so very time consuming. Added to this, they simply did not look natural. It came as a huge relief to have them removed.

I did try a less demanding set of extensions when I came to do it again. I used real extensions and had fewer of them. Each extension was finer than the synthetic hair extensions and glue was used to bond them to my hair. Unfortunately, I had this done at a time when there was a great deal of negative publicity surrounding human hair being provided for extensions and it pricked my conscience to the point where I didn’t feel that I wanted to renew them. However, they did look better and hurt less than the synthetic hair job.

I would recommend that if you are going to go ahead, whether you use human hair or synthetic hair, a more subtle approach would probably work better. I sometimes wonder if I might just go back to my original idea and simply get the sides thickened. At the moment, it’s not high on my list of priorities, and if I really want to, I can simply pull on one of the wigs I accumulated when I had my hair disaster.

So, what's the moral of the story....

The final analysis on hair salon extensions


  • You have an instant head of long, healthy-looking hair.
  • Initially, you may be over the moon that you have lovely long hair - but this may not last. The look deteriorates quickly.


  • It takes non-stop maintenance to keep the hair looking good and the bonds covered.
  • It's expensive. You are likely to pay hundreds, possibly thousands, of pounds. Top quality human hair costs thousands of pounds.You don't always get what you pay for.
  • It can be very painful, not just on application, but on an ongoing basis. The bonds pull against your roots.
  • Think of ongoing costs. Every 4 months, you need to revisit the salon and have another set of extensions. There are also ongoing maintenance costs at the salon.
  • Neither you nor your partner will be able to run fingers through your hair - you catch the bonds which is painful!

Overall, I would not wish to dissuade you from going down the hair extension route. They serve their purpose well at times but, in my view, they are not a universal remedy for all hair problems.

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