Hair Colour Ideas to Rock Your Look

Need some hair colour ideas? Of course - your hair colour can make or break your look. It’s as simple as that! It's particularly important to consider your skin tone and natural hair colour before making a hair colour change.

Skin Tone

What looks wonderful on another lady may look dreadful on you if you have a different skin tone. It’s first vital to find out whether you have a warm or cool skin tone.

A warm skin tone usually has a yellow or peachy undertone; a cool skin tone has a pink or blue undertone. If you’re unsure of your skin tone type, check the colour of your veins in your inside wrist – if they are green-tinged, you have a warm skin tone, if they are blue-tinged you have a cool skin tone.

A common mistake made is for people with cool skin tones to believe that they need a warm tone in their hair to try to warm up their look. Similarly, people with warm skin tones wrongly try to use a cool tone in their hair. Either look will appear completely false and unflattering.

Hair Colour

There are 3 main types of hair colour:

  • temporary colour which washes in and washes out
  • semi-permanent colour which lasts either 6-8 washes or 24 washes depending upon the type purchased and will fade with each wash
  • permanent colour which remains until you cut it out

The best hair colour for you will be heavily dependent upon your lifestyle. If you swim regularly or wash your hair every day, temporary colour is not a sensible option. If you are not sure a colour will suit you, then a temporary or 6-8 wash semi-permanent colour is preferable.

For home dyeing, I recommend that you stick to temporary or 6-8 wash semi-permanent.

And the golden rule for dyeing is this:

Beauty secret: Stay within 3 shades, darker or lighter, of your natural hair colour – make sure too that you have the right tone.

The 24 wash semi-permanent colour is a popular choice since you are left with no root regrowth but is not without risk. Some pigment will always remain and will not necessarily be a desirable colour. More times than I care to remember, I have used semi-permanent 24 wash and have been left with an unflattering shade of khaki green as it is washed out. I have then been forced to use tomato puree hair packs to combat the green tones, with varying degrees of success! Never again!

3 great hair colour ideas

And finally, here are a few more tips to bear in mind before making a hair colour change:

  • All over colour can look very dramatic. On most styles, especially styles with a bit of movement, it can be horribly dull and ageing.

  • As you age, your skin lightens. With very few exceptions (I'm thinking Elizabeth Taylor) it is not generally a good idea to keep to the same dark colour you had in your youth.

  • No-one ever pulls off a youthful look with graying hair, euphemistically termed 'salt and pepper'. It is a full on, in your face, advertisement that your youth is fading. If it’s a look you like – fine, just know that it’s ageing.

A final warning on hair colour ideas

Now, use your judgement when consulting a hair colourist for help and advice. Years ago I went to a nationally known salon for a colour consultation. The lighting was wholly inadequate and I wondered how the colourists could actually see what they were doing. As I sat down, the colourist asked me if I wanted a warm or a cool tone and I replied that I thought she could perhaps give me some advice. 'Well, it's whatever you want, really' was her sage advice. I left!

I've also been given a colour at another nationally known salon which was completely wrong for me, despite my request for the lightest, ashest blonde there was. The result was a brownish shade which put years on me. It took a pair of scissors to rectify that damage. The moral of this story is that the salon is no place to catch up on last years 'Horse and Hound' or drift off to sleep. It's the place for watching what is going on so none of this happens to you.

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