Fashion over 40

When it comes to fashion over 40, you need to realise that a different set of clothes is going to suit you best.

Many women make the mistake of becoming stuck in a time warp and wear clothes which are too young for them. Sadly, this doesn’t make you look younger – it does quite the opposite, it ages you.

Beauty secret: When it comes to clothes, over 40s do ‘glamour’ better than ‘girly’

I still find it amazing how many over-40 women make basic mistakes with clothes, and so do themselves no favours.

Let’s first take a look at 3 common errors when it comes to fashion over 40:

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Overselling from the rear

Perhaps you’re 40, slim, long flowing hair. You’re walking down the street, feeling good that you can still get away with wearing teenager clothes. Or can you?

A young man behind you likes what he sees from behind. But when he steals a glance at your face he gets a nasty shock! Yes, you’ve oversold from the rear.

Don’t get me wrong – you probably do have a beautiful face. But you’re 40, not 20. When you wear clothes that are designed for teenagers and early 20 somethings, you are doing yourself a disservice.


You’re 40, still have a good figure. You think you’ll squeeze into skin tight clothes to show off your body. Mistake!!

Every extra ounce will show and you will look like you are bursting at the seams. Even if there is not a single extra pound about your person, tight clothes on an over 40 is not a good look.

There is no need to over correct the problem either. Wearing everything slightly on the big side will just look frumpy.

Once over 40, it is important to wear clothes that fit properly or don't wear them at all.


Imagine an older face sporting a baby pink and blue tee shirt with a childlike slogan. Do you think that looks sophisticated?

At 40 plus, go for glamour and elegance and stop playing the teenagers at their own game!

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When you are in doubt about whether a garment you own works for you, picture somebody you admire wearing it, choose somebody who is a similar age and build to you. I bet that makes your mind up quite quickly for you. It works every time for me!

Clothes to be avoided

Here are some things you really shouldn't be wearing at 40 plus.

  • Budget clothing - better to have a few good items than 20 bad quality items.

  • Anything that ties up at the back - not sophisticated!

  • Tee shirts with slogans or pictures – think glamour!

  • Mini Skirts and mini dresses - a couple of inches above the knee is as short as you should ideally go.

  • Low cut tops with higher cut hems - if you are going to wear a shortish skirt, then don't sport a plunging neckline at the same time. Glamorous women show no more than 30% skin at any one time.

  • Prom style dresses (tight bodice, full skirt) - these are for proms and I'm sorry but you are too old to go!

  • Low slung jeans and trousers - we don't want to see your knickers and you shouldn't want us to see them either!

  • Sports clothes, fleeces and training shoes - unless you are off to the gym.

  • Coloured tights - this is just not an elegant look.

  • Cheap plastic 'fun' jewellery - there is plenty of affordable jewellery to chose from and it doesn't have to be real.

  • In fact, any 'fun' garment at all - it's great that you've got a sense of humour but you don't have to wear it.

So, you've learnt that fashion over 40 means go for glamour not girly. Now find out

what you should wear

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