Face Exercises for a Fresh Youthful Face

Why bother with face exercises? - let me explain: The scalp and the face are made up of 10 groups of muscles, and depending on how you count them, add up to around 100 different muscles in total. So it makes sense to have a separate work out especially for your face. If the only regular exercise it gets are for the 38 or so muscles it takes for you to frown your way through each day, do yourself (and others!!) a favour and have a go at these facial exercises.

The Magic O

This is one of the best face exercises for the main part of the face, including the eye area, nose, mouth and cheeks. It will help keep it firm and uplifted, and go some way towards preventing gradually sagging skin and muscles. As with any facial exercise, your skin tone will begin to glow as it never has before!

face exercise

Make a large oval 'O' with your mouth, pulling your upper lip down over your teeth. Without moving the top of your mouth - and if you're not already laughing - smile, using your upper cheek muscles. At the same time, bring your eyelids to a close.

Not only does this force all those dormant face muscles into action but here is a perfect chance to massage your face without pulling or stretching the skin as it is already completely taught.

Massage technique

The point of the following massage is to bring blood to the surface of the skin bearing its nutrients and oxygen, as well as patting out fine lines that are forming on the skin surface.

Holding the position above, use the fingertips of both hands, trace a complete circle by lightly patting around the eyes, beginning at the inside corner and progressing over eyebrows to outer corners and then completing a full circle as you work under the eyes including the upper cheeks. Around a minute should be enough.

Do the same thing around your mouth for a minute or so and complete the massage by placing fingertips at the bridge of the nose and massage upwards and outwards in long strokes - not patting this time - finishing at the hairline. About 10 strokes done regularly will bring benefits.

On no account during any facial massaging is it acceptable to drag at the skin. This will have the opposite effect to the one you are hoping for.

The Wide Smile

This addresses the muscles not utilised in the above exercise.

Leaving about half an inch of space between your lips, roll your lips inward over the upper and lower teeth. Now smile as wide as you can with your lower lips, as though you are trying to reach each ear. The rest of your face should remain unmoved.

face exericse, smile

Massage technique

Hold the position and using the fingertips of both hands, massage the lower part of the face in small, outward circular movements, starting at the chin, moving as far as the bottom of the ears and back again. 30 seconds to one minute done regularly is enough.

Youthful Neck

To keep the neck muscles firm and the neck tissue smooth, put your thumb under your chin, far enough back to be almost at your throat and then curl your tongue back into your mouth until you feel the muscle under the chin protrude. Now remove the thumb but keep the tongue curled back in the mouth.

face exercise, neck exercise

At the same time, stretch your neck as far to the left as possible with the chin pointing upwards.

face exericse, neck exercise

Now, slowly rotate to the opposite side.

face exercise

Massage technique

With the fingers of both hands at the base of your neck, and whilst the neck is rotating in a half circle arc from left to right and back again, use long upward strokes towards the jawbone. This should take a minute or so. Always keep a light touch and never drag the skin.

Lip Plumper and Smoother

To help prevent upper lip lines and to smooth furrows from the mouth, whilst strengthening muscles around the mouth do this exercise.

Press your lips together in a straight line, smiling slightly. Slowly count to ten, whilst massaging around the mouth using tiny outward circular motions with both index fingers simultaneously.

face exercise

Keep squeezing the lips together harder and harder until you feel the mouth muscles really working. Straight away, make a small 'O' with your mouth as though you are whistling and smile very slightly.

face exercise,  better skin,

Keep this position and continue working the muscles harder and harder whilst massaging in tiny outward circles for a count of ten. Then release.

Try to do this at least twice a day with the massage, and you can supplement this without the massage at any point of the day, perhaps when you are reading, cooking, watching tv etc. It will soon become second nature and is worth the effort.

It is worth bearing in mind that the best face lift in the world can not address the area from the bottom of the nose to the top lip, so why not get started with these faces exercises now!!

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