The secret oil your face care routine can't do without!

Take a look at the list of ingredients on the side of your face care products. I'm sure you see a long list of chemical ingredients - have you any idea what they are?

Let's take Green Tea moisturiser as an example. Does is contain green tea? Well, yes, but only 1% !! The other 99% are simply chemical additives.

Now, no cosmetics company would be able to sell a product which is positively harmful, but safe doesn’t mean that your skin needs it or that it’s good for you either.

The key here is... cut down on unnecessary chemicals.

Delicate skin cells are really rather permeable and substances applied to the skin will end up running through the bloodstream with the greatest of ease. You only have to imagine how contraception or nicotine patches work to get the idea! I have even heard of a woman who used a salt bath bar and it raised her blood pressure!

The good news is that I have found easy, cheap and efficient methods to improve face care by using alternatives to lots of the product that are sold today. This is not a new and radical idea. In fact, my main beauty ingredient was discovered 5000 years ago and it is said that Cleopatra used it for the same reasons as I do. And we all know that Cleopatra was renowned for her beauty! The Greeks, Romans and the Phoenicians all used this to their advantage too. What am I talking about.....

Olive Oil

This simple oil plays a huge part in my beauty routine (and in the kitchen) and I would be absolutely lost with out it.

Olive oil is high in antioxidants including the well known anti ageing vitamin, vitamin E. Antioxidants protect us from the free radicals in the air, which come from pollutants that we can’t avoid, simply by living! It's a fantastic natural produce but which type should you choose?

Beauty secret 1: Buy organic extra virgin olive oil

Beauty secret 2: Second best is fine virgin olive oil

Buy one of these two and your face care will improve. No other olive oil will do!! The extra virgin olive oil really is the best - it's 'extra virgin' because the oil has been derived from the first pressing using mechanical means and is unrefined.

This is very important. We are trying to avoid using unwanted chemicals on the skin and in the body and any other type of olive oil will have been derived through chemical means and there is not so much goodness left in it. Don’t be fooled by oil labelled Pure Olive Oil. This is refined oil at its best and has no place in your new beauty routine!

Beauty Secret 3: Your oil should come in a glass bottle.

Don’t buy oil in a plastic bottle. It leads to chemical contamination. There are other oils that I also consider fantastic for skin and face care too. Just as I wouldn’t limit my diet to only one food, I w ouldn’t limit my skin to only one oil. I want my face and skin to get all the nutrients possible by using different oils with their unique blends of essential fatty acids.

Other oils on my favourites list are avocado oil, walnut oil and sunflower seed oil. Again, buy these oils as unrefined, as this means that they are cold pressed my mechanical means and buy organic if you can. I know that it is not always easy to find oils that satisfy all criteria but unrefined is vital.

'What do you recommend as a base' I hear you say?

Easy..... Time for another beauty secret:

Beauty secret 4: Use castor oil as a base

Don’t be put off by the fact that this is commonly known as a laxative! This can usually be found on the bottom shelf of your local drugstore or behind the counter at the chemists. It is very cheap and a face care winner! In the celebrated health book, ‘The Oil That Heals’, author Dr McGarey quotes ‘castor oil will leave the body in better condition than it found it’.

You should use Castor oil (virgin if you can get it) as a base. On its own this oil would be far too strong for the skin. However,it's vital for healing and cleansing as it holds important nutrition and is a vital part of this mix. The secondary oil (such as olive oil or sunflower seed oil) provides nutrients and essential fatty acids which do not naturally occur in the body yet are necessary for the health of our cell membranes. Castor oil cleanses thoroughly whilst the secondary oil penetrates the skin well, helping the castor oil to draw out the impurities from the pores. This is why a mix of two oils, always with castor oil as the base is so important when it comes to face care. They both help each other to do a better job.

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