Exercise Ball Routine to help Posture

Exercise balls are a fabulous way to exercise whilst taking pressure off your lower back. They are now quite cheap (15 dollars) and are well worth it.

Here’s another famous Alexander technique exercise which is ideal for improving your posture:

  • Push the ball against a wall and lean your back against it. Your lower back should be supported by the ball.

  • Focus on your head and imagine it floating above your body. Keep that thought as you proceed.

  • Now relax your ankles, your knees and your hips. Keep thinking about your head floating above your body.

  • Allow your body to move left and then right, then return to a centred position.

  • Now allow your knees and hips to bend, so that your body lowers. Return to a centred position.

  • Don’t focus on your movement. Instead, keep thinking about your head floating above your body.

With the use of the ball, this exercise allows your body to find the correct way to maintain balance. Over a period of time, your movement and your posture should then improve. As with all Alexander Technique routines, don't force any movements and don't expect immediate results. Be patient, trust the technique, and in time you will be rewarded! Try it!

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