Eating too much - the vicious circle you need to break

Can't stop eating too much? Are you always on the vicious circle?

Overeating is bad for your health. It is aging too. Let’s make a distinction between two types of eating:

  • eating because you are hungry and your body requires food
  • eating because it is ‘time’ to do so, or because you are bored or depressed

The second leads to eating more than your body requires and becomes a habit. It is time to start breaking that habit if you want to remain as youthful as you can. If you eat too much, it stretches the stomach, causing you to need more and more food before you feel satisfied, and causes the body to create more free radicals, which are cell damaging oxygen molecules and very ageing.

eating too much , overeating

Most people who eat too much are actually undernourished! This is due to the nature of the food that they are eating. Overeaters generally eat ready made, convenience foods because of their easy availability. In most cases, they eat over processed food, depleted in nourishment and fibre. This includes foods such as rich sauces, gravies, sugar laden puddings, pastries, dips, pastas, crisps, sweets and creams. These foods are full of:

  • bad fats
  • processed sugars
  • chemical additives – a complete health problem in themselves and not part of a healthy diet

The point is that overeating becomes a vicious circle. It creates a heating effect in the stomach which leads to an artificial appetite – this causes you to eat more food and the circle continues.

Convenience, 'party' food, being loaded with fats and sugars, will not fill you up. However, you will reach your recommended daily limit of fats and sugars very quickly. These foods are also very addictive and so you will soon overindulge. How many of you can stop at one biscuit? All of this means the vicious circle continues.

On the other hand, overindulging in simple unprocessed nourishing food is rare and difficult! That’s because proper food fills you up much more readily and eating too much of it would simply be very uncomfortable.

Eating too much causes a whole host of problems: very upset digestion, it promotes bad health and contributes to many modern diseases (due to the poor quality of the food being eaten). It also accelerates the ageing process.

So what’s the bottom line? The more thought you give to what you are eat, the less likely you are to spoil its good affects by taking in too much of it.

Breaking the circle

To break this circle, re think your diet on a permanent basis. When you feel hungry, eat plenty of ‘cooling’ foods like grapefruits, apples, oranges, melon, berries, cucumber, lettuce, celery, thin watery broths, soups and plenty of tepid water.


Don’t make the mistake of drinking ice cold water. This will not cool your stomach down and is a poor way to take in liquids. Ice cold water, as well as hot water, can contribute to broken capillaries.

Eat the above foods, as well as a sensible mix of protein, good fats and carbohydrates. It will cool the stomach sufficiently and will benefit you greatly in the long term. You will not only achieve better health, but you will enjoy prolonged youthful looks to go with it.

Beauty secret: Eat 'cooling foods' to break the vicious circle

When you take on calories that you don’t need, you are overeating. A little overeating every day, say one extra chocolate biscuit, on top of eating to capacity every day, will add up to a stone over one year. Do your looks and your health a favour and change your habits NOW!

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