3 Eating Tips For Better Digestion and Better Health

This page is going to give you 3 eating tips to improve your digestion and improve your overall health. It will make you look younger too.

On other pages you'll find out about foods that I recommend you should and shouldn't eat. You might think that that sounds all like hard work! The great thing about my 3 eating tips is that you can dramatically improve your eating habits following three simple rules before you even cut anything at all out of your diet! Here we go!

Beauty secret: Eat slowly and chew properly

Beauty secret: Don't eat and drink at the same time

Beauty secret: Eat fruit before a meal or between meals, never after a meal

The key point here is improve your digestion.

Yes, digestion, digestion, digestion!!

If your body does not digest food properly then you simply will not remain in optimum health. Everything suffers. Your organs, your skin, your hair and your overall health. And you will soon start to look old before your time.

Added to that, you are in danger of developping some pretty unpleasant conditions, like irritable bowel syndrome. Ask my boyfriend - he has IBS - and he's still guilty of not following my 3 tips! Did you know that 10% of Americans suffer from this - ask any IBS sufferer and they will tell you how it seriously affects their life - and not for the better!

Now let's go into more detail on my three tips. The good news is that by following my 3 tips, you will give your digestion a better chance to work at 100%. Everything will improve - your skin, your hair and your overall look.

Chew your Food!

When we start eating, our digestive juices start to work. If you throw something down your throat at the speed of light, they are hardly started before you have finished. This won't ensure you have good digestion and the food will sit in your stomach uncomfortably until the juices have revved up.

If you haven't chewed your food properly, your digestive juices will have their job cut out trying to break down the food that should have been broken down by your teeth. You will not benefit from all the nourishment in your food if it passes through in large chunks. Added to this, if you don't use your teeth to chew your food properly, your gums will not get the stimulation they need and begin to get rather soft and fragile. This is not conducive to hanging on to your teeth for life!

It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to pass on the message to your stomach that you have started eating. If you gobble your food down, your brain is fooled into thinking you haven't eaten enough. As a result it keeps requiring food. This invariably leads to eating more, just to satisfy the 'eating' craving as your stomach still hasn't got the message that you've eaten. If you do wolf down your food, you are likely to over eat and will almost definitely feel rather full and bloated.

Don't drink at mealtimes!

Drinking during mealtimes has the effect of diluting your digestive juices. As a result, your food will not be properly digested, this may well lead to stomach discomfort and your overall health is affected. It is purely tradition and custom that means that westerners tend to eat and drink at mealtimes. Scientifically, it makes no sense.

Instead, you should try to minimise your liquid consumption at mealtimes. Preferably don’t drink at all until 30-60 minutes after eating food. I personally don’t drink anything during mealtimes but for social reasons, I quite understand why you might have to or want to – particularly if you enjoy a tipple!

As with a lot of my beauty tips, all depends upon how serious you are to stay young. It’s a no pain, no gain situation!

Don't eat fruit at the end of a meal.

We've all heard that eating fruit is good for you. Sadly, few people realise that it isn't good for you if eaten at the end of a meal. Here's why.

melon, fruit

Fruit breaks down super quickly. Suppose you have just eaten a meal and then eat a piece of fruit. The fruit will then sit on top of the slowly digesting food, begin to break down and ferment. This will then spoil your digestion and results in having poor quality skin, stomach aches, bloating and wind – now that’s not going to your youthful image any good!

It’s ideal to eat fruit on an empty stomach and at least 40 minutes before food. If eaten this way, fruit will play a huge part in detoxifying the system. Not eaten correctly, fruit will simply add more sugars (albeit natural) to your diet.

And how to feel even better......

So there you are, 3 simple adjustments that you can make without having to give up anything.....yet!! If you only did these three things and nothing else, you would be making a huge difference to your digestive health which would have a knock on affect to your overall health and youthful glow. However, if you really want to start making a difference to looking young and staying young, you will have to make some sacrifices along the way. Food that you've conditioned yourself to believe is tasty, lasts just a moment; looking your best, youthful self, will last a life time. What's more important to you?

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