The dental tips that keep you smiling pretty

Do you need dental tips to help you look young for your age? Well, what tricks do Hollywood use to portray someone as a down-and-out, no-hoper? Easy - give the lead stained teeth, blackened teeth or crooked teeth.

Conversely, shiny whitened straight teeth add to a beautiful, confident smile and always make you look younger and more attractive.

As an ex-dental nurse, I know how important it is to look after your teeth. Nothing is more distressing that seeing young people have to use dentures because of poor hygiene.

Luckily, there's plenty you can do to improve what nature gave you without spending a lot of money. Though you cannot straighten crooked teeth without the help of a dentist, you can improve the appearance of your teeth at home by following some simple routines.

Learn how to make your teeth whiter as an effective way to improve your smile.

Don't forget to look at simple but important tips on how to clean your teeth to ensure you understand the pitfalls of cleaning your teeth and the dangers if you don't do it properly.

And learn 4 simple remedies on how to remove teeth stains to avoid any unwanted blemishes, including the use of magical baking soda.

More teeth are lost through gum disease than tooth decay. Find out more on effective teeth flossing by learning how to use a water pick as an alternative to dental floss.

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