Correct Posture For a Youthful Look

How not to look!

Correct posture is vital if you wish to look youthful. Bad posture, on the other hand, is a give away sign of old age. You may not be completely stooped over, but even hunched shoulders or poor deportment can make you look old or unattractive.

Sadly, this is often due to many years of ingrained bad habits and is not helped by the fact that so many people spend hours a day hunched over a computer.

Standing or sitting incorrectly can also contribute to a whole host of problems such as shoulder pain, neck pain and lower back pain.

Check yourself out!

If you suffer from back problems or neck problems, it is very likely that you do not have correct posture. To check out whether you do, get yourself a camera and ask a friend to take photos of you from side on and face on. You might get a nasty shock!

Typically, you may find that

  • Your head is surprisingly far forward of your spine.
  • You are not balanced evenly on both sides – for example, your left shoulder may be higher than your right.

My boyfriend who suffers from a bad back has both of these probems and it's not pretty!

To be in perfect alignment, you need your head to sit exactly on top of your spine.

Breaking the bad habit

Many of us are aware of our bad posture and try to correct it. Sadly, in doing so, we make the problem worse. The difficulty is that we have simply been given wrong advice ever since we were children.

The old adage ‘sit up straight’ tends to make people tense their lower back and push their chest forward. This causes the spine to be curved inwards too much. It also means they are overusing their back muscles and causing unnecessary tension.

arched back sitting poor posture

To force your spine out of its natural alignment day after day will almost certainly lead to back problems. Instead, a proper standing and sitting position requires less muscular effort but relies on good body awareness.

Learning correct posture

If you truly wish to improve your body awareness, you need to learn from experts. I suggest you now read about Alexander and Pilates , two pioneers in the field of posture and body awareness.

You should then be in a position to try out various Alexander Technique exercises.

Find out

All these things appear basic but very few people do them correctly. And this has an adverse effect on your health and how you look. Take the exercises seriously and you won't look back!!

And if you're still not sure as to whether you need to change your habits, why not take my body awareness test to see if you already have bad habits in the way you sit, walk or smile that will ultimately age you! Go on, give it a go!

And don't forget to pass these secrets onto your kids too!!

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