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Black or colour

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Need some clothes colours advice? Well, you may well have read that it's a good idea to steer away from black and brighten up your wardrobe for a fresh look. This advice certainly sounds good but it's not practical.

A simple, sensual dress in black suddenly looks awful when you imagine it in a different colour, one of the only exceptions being the equally chic caramel.

I once went to a colour specialist who told me that, based on my looks and skin tone, I should wear autumn colours. Sounds good, but have you ever tried buying a dress that's going to bring out your sensual side in brown or sludge green? I have and it wasn't easy. There are some things that don't seem to look good in any other colour and I soon gave it up, and went back to black.

This is not to say that I will never wear any other colour, but if you take a black top for instance and then imagine it in another colour, it changes the personality of the item completely.

Your sexy black top somehow becomes a fun item when in a different colour. Jumpers and sweaters suddenly look sporty in bright colours and as for the LBD (little black dress), well, it's got to be black!

How to wear black

If you know you don't look quite right in black but meet with the same dilemma every time you try to make a new purchase, follow these pointers.

  • Where you can, make the neckline low. If you don't have the black right up to your face, the black won't look severe.

  • Where possible, wear a light choker, some light beads or a light coloured scarf around your neck. If you have something light by your face then it doesn't matter that you are wearing black.

  • Sparkly black, that is black sequins, or shiny beads on the fabric will catch the light and bring much needed light to your face. Those of us over 40 shouldn't be wearing glitter on our clothes. If you are wearing sequins or beads on your fabric it must be great quality - budget clothes are not glamorous.

  • Soften your all black look by using white or other coloured accessories. A black dress with black stockings and black boots looks great with a white coat and white gloves.

  • Take time to think through carefully what you are going to wear and it will pay off. If you look good, then you feel good and if you feel good, things get done!!

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Use variety in your clothes colours but don't be afraid to keep to black much of the time!

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