Clothes Advice for Older Women

Let's start my clothes advice for older women with a look at how things could be going wrong....

A change of mindset

Once you get to a certain age, there is always a big dilemma in the 'what do I wear' department. This didn't happen to me until I hit about 45 but after that, nothing I owned seemed to work.

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Having brought up a child on my own, I was on the same tight budget that I had been on for years. It had always been vital to look after the clothes I had, despite them all coming from discount stores! When I was younger, I managed to get away with this, but not any longer...... It was time for a change of mindset.

Here are some of the sins I was guilty of. Are you guilty too?

  • wearing old clothes which used to be high fashion?
  • wearing clothes that used to suit you when you were younger but no longer do?
  • still going to discount stores aimed at teenagers?
  • keeping clothes that you never wear?
  • keeping clothes because they were expensive when you bought them?

If you’ve reached the ‘what do I wear’ age, it’s time for a spring clean of your wardrobe. It’s time to get yourself out of the rut. This is what you should do....

Clearing your wardrobe

Dedicate an hour or so to this task – you’ll thank yourself later. Put on some soothing music and then empty all of the clothes out of your wardrobe and drawers. It’s time to examine each item of clothing!

For each item, take just a few seconds and ask yourself:

  • Does it flatter me?
  • Does it fit well?
  • Do I feel good in it?
  • Is it age appropriate? Clothes should bring out your youth but not make you look too young!

If the answer is ‘no’ to any of these questions, the chances are that you should get rid of it.

Go with your gut instinct, your first thought, and be ruthless! Ignore your second inner voice which tries to persuade you to keep clothes for a multitude of wrong reasons such as ‘if I slim down, I might get into this’. Another clue is how you hang and fold your clothes! If you find them just shoved in the wardrobe, they probably don't flatter you!

When you’re done, congratulate yourself. You should have a much shorter pile of clothes which are practical, well-maintained and not ‘too young’.

By all means, keep a few items for household chores, but get rid of the majority of the rest. Take them to your local charity shop and do others a favour.

How to restock your wardrobe

Now you’re ready for the next step.... Read clothes advice on what not to wear and what to wear to keep you looking fabulous at 40.

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