Clean your teeth better for healthier teeth and gums

Do you clean your teeth properly? Do you know your dental hygiene? If you don't you could be affecting your health and looks!

Where you keep your toothbrush

Does your toothbrush live in a cup on the bathroom sink, or on the bathroom sink itself? Here's another question for you. Did you know that every time you flush the toilet, if the lid is not down, sprays of water come out of the toilet and can travel for up to six feet? So, if your toothbrush is not safely behind the cabinet door and if you live with a man - let's face it, it's the men who leave the lid up - then you might as well dip your toothbrush in the toilet bowl every day. Just a thought...

Cleaning your equipment

It’s vital that you regularly clean your toothbrushes and other mouth cleaning equipment. Even if you keep them all behind the cabinet door they will still harbour bacteria, especially the tongue cleaner. Put them in a mug of boiling water and a little disinfectant which you will then rinse out thoroughly, about once a week.

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Too much bother?

Do you give your teeth a quick minute in the morning and maybe another at night? Perhaps if you’re going out, another quick clean before you leave? And we all know we’re meant to floss but even I agree that after a hard day when your bed is calling, you really don't want to stand in the bathroom performing what feels like an assault on your gums. But it’s time to face reality:

Beauty secret: Don't neglect your teeth and gums. Some heart diseases are now being linked with poor oral hygiene.

This is a perfect illustration of how our body is part of a whole. You neglect one part and it will show in another eventually. The teeth/heart connection seems quite random but there are other equally bizarre pathways.

And this is serious. As an ex-dental nurse, I've seen relatively young folk who have developed heart disease which may well have been as a result of poor dental hygiene. So, please do think again if you skip your teeth or gum cleaning!

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