Calcium Supplements for Bones and Teeth

To stay young and vibrant, you should consider taking calcium supplements as calcium is a vital part of a healthy diet. Why? - Calcium keeps your bones and teeth in good order. You may have the best looking skin and wonderful hair but it counts for little if you have missing teeth and a stoop!

Most people assume that calcium consumption begins and ends with milk and milk products and are happy that this requirement is satisfied with a couple of yoghurts and half a bar of chocolate. Well, sorry, if you really want to stay young and beautiful, you will have to do better than that.

Sugar and salt – hindrances to calcium intake

Research has now shown that all minerals in the body are negated by sugar in the system, especially the calcium/phosphorous balance. Whilst it is true that milk products do contain calcium, eating yoghurt or chocolate or indeed anything that has a milk/sugar combination will do nothing for you at all. Equally, you will gain little calcium benefit from eating sweetened yoghurts, milk puddings and cereals with milk because of the milk/sugar combination.

Adding salt to your food, during cooking and at the table is another calcium depletory, as is coffee. The caffeine from just three cups of coffee daily will get rid of forty-five milligrams of calcium. This is before you consider all the other calcium sources you take daily!

Replace salt with other flavours such as black pepper, garlic, kelp, onion or chilli powder, dulse flakes (seaweed) or salt free curry powder. And do yourself a big favour and switch to one of the many coffee substitutes out there or at the very least, start drinking caffeine free coffee.

Sources of calcium

Great sources of calcium can be found in nuts including almonds, soya products like tofu, leafy green vegetables, fish including salmon, sardines, herrings and whitebait – eat the bones – and dairy products (without added sugar!)

Do I need to take calcium supplements?

You should consider taking calcium if any of the following apply:

  • you have more muscle cramps than usual
  • your bones and muscles often ache
  • you have ongoing nervous twitches
  • you have problems with your teeth
  • you have a parent with osteoporosis

It is possible to be short of this mineral throughout life without being aware of it, only to be given news from the doctor one day that you have soft bones or osteoporosis.

How to take these supplements?

Always take calcium with both magnesium and vitamin D as this helps the body absorb it properly.

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