The Body Awareness Test

Are you ready for my body awareness test? It’s a test with no marks but plenty of results. All I ask is that you’re honest with yourself and that you have a mirror and eye pencil ready. Get those now before you begin. Ready? Here we go.

  • Stop exactly as you are. Just stop everything but stay exactly as you are. How are you sitting? No, don’t move, just feel it. How exactly are you sitting? At this very moment, how round is your back?

    If you regularly sit improperly, you will be crushing vital organs and damaging your health!

  • How is your breathing? Is it nice and deep, or are your breaths rather shallow, not really filling your lungs at all, just topping up the same old stale air with a little new air, lazily inhaled. When was the last time you exerted yourself. Is that the last time your lungs enjoyed a full capacity of fresh air? How long ago was that?

    Breathing is a vital life force. If you don't do it properly, your health and beauty is compromised.

  • Don’t move a muscle in your face. Stay exactly as you are and with your eye pencil, draw in all the lines on your face that are there by way of your frowning. Not the ‘I’ve lived, laughed and loved’ lines; instead, the ‘I frown and some day soon, my face will look like this for good’ lines. Don’t be mean with that pencil, just draw them in. All of them.

    You may feel that by being made conscious of your frowning, you no longer are! In this case, you’ll need to do this part of the test again. Set an alarm, and when it goes off, quickly draw on the frown lines before you have chance to relax your face.

    Do you really want unnecessary frown lines?

  • Are your legs twisted around each other? Do you sit with your feet on the floor?

    Leg twisting can lead to circulatory problems as well as back complaints!

  • Are your fingers in your mouth, nibbling away at your nails or cuticles?

    Just how many germs do you think you are picking up?

  • Have you been picking away at something or other since you logged in today, or incessantly twiddling your hair?

    I used to be terribly guilty of this. Did you know that hair twirlers can twist the root around so much that you can cause temporary or even permanent hair loss in that area? Knowing that cured me, and I massage instead of twiddle now as massaging is incredibly beneficial and I still get to play with my hair.

  • Do you pull away at your face, either to apply make up or to get something out of your eye? Do you rub your face all the time?

    This will doubtlessly age your face in the long run.

  • Do you wear contact lenses? Did you fall for the optician’s advice regarding how to put a lens in? ‘Now dear, first you drag your lower lid down……’.

    I don’t let my optician put my lenses in or out for me during my routine check ups. I had my lower lids dragged to the floor once and never again. Have it happen once, shame on him, have it happen twice, shame on YOU. Imagine the bags you will have if you put lenses in like that every day for a few years.

So, what's the point of all this? It's all about body awareness.

The point is that many of us are very unaware of our body habits. Poor habits that we have picked up over the years and perpetuate every day. Most people simply don't have much body awareness.

All of the above sins have an effect on our health or the way we look.

The good news is that you can remove these bad habits and that will make you feel and look much bettter.

Make an effort on a daily basis to rid your self of these habits. I will try and help you.

Poor posture will add years to your look as well as to your biological age as you go about your days crushing the life out of your organs. For more information, check out my posture page.

To help combat the inevitable march of time over your face and body, don't forget to look at my exercise pages, where I will be showing you some simple and effective exercises for your body AND your face. And if you think you look ridiculous with that eye liner all over your face, wait till you start doing facial exercises!! Best to do them in private!

And to find out how even the way you sleep affects your look, check out my sleep right page.

Body awareness is key! Body aware means body care!

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