Better Hair Every Day!

All of us women desire better hair than we have! After all, a girl's hair is her crowning glory! When a man watches women in the street, like it or not, girls, he inevitably looks towards the girl with the best locks. It's the hair that catches the eye first.

Now, this is not a website simply dedicated to better hair. However, you need to work your tresses as best as you can to retain a youthful image. So, it's up to you to follow my essential hair care tips!

We've all had hair disasters at some stage and I'm no exception! I allowed a friend of mine to dye my hair and spent nine months regretting it! I'd like to think though that I don't make the same mistake twice and I'm here to pass on some invaluable tips to make your life easier!

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To look your best youthful self, you have to be practical with regard to your hair. To get the best out of your look, you have to consider very strongly what looks like you and not just what looks you like. That's really important so let's repeat it.

Beauty secret: Choose a style that suits you, not just a style you like

Let me give you an example. I have fine hair - and without extensions, I simply can't wear it long. It looks too straggly. Oh, it looks alright, but I want better than alright, I want a look that will put me in my best natural light all day and every day. So, instead I need a style that suits me.

Learning some top hair colour ideas is an essential part of looking your best. Find out how your age and skin tone must be taken into consideration.

In hair secrets discover how your hair texture and hair style should be tailored to suit your face shape, age and body type.

Read about hair bleaching ,whether it's right for you, and why it could go wrong.

What about hair extensions? They may be the answer to your problems, but should you go for synthetic or human hair? To know more, click here. And you can also read my hair extension story to find out what are the pros and cons you are likely to encounter if you do opt for extensions.

Keeping your hair in great condition

What about maintaining the perfect look?

Read my top ten tips on washing and conditioning and then more great styling tips to ensure you have glamorous hair.

As you grow older, you'll need ways to prevent your hair from thinning. Hair strengthening looks at three great techniques -scalp massaging, using laser combs, and taking supplements to negate the effets of DHT, the chemical which thins your hair.

Great hair care really is an essential part of looking and feeling young!

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