Best Beauty Secrets

Here's a list of my best beauty secrets which you'll find scattered around this website in bold red. Some will be completely new to you, others you will have heard before - but do you realise why they are so important?

The more secrets you follow, the more likely you are to look young and stay beautiful. Remember, though, that there are many other secrets and fine detail throughout the site.

One important point - do read the appropriate page before following the secret. There's no point following a tip if you don't understand the rationale behind it.

Page Beauty Secret
Face care Buy organic extra virgin olive oil
Face care Second best is fine virgin olive oil
Face care Your oil should come in a glass bottle
Face care Use castor oil as a base
Sun care Avoid the sun as much as possible
Sun care Protect your skin from UVA and UVB all-year round, even in Winter!
Diet Learn to love the foods you should eat
Diet Change your eating habits and before long your palate will change too!
Eating tips Eat slowly and chew properly
Eating tips Don't eat and drink at the same time
Eating tips Eat fruit before a meal or between meals, never after a meal
Oils and fats Eat the good fats - monosaturated and polyunsaturated fats
Oils and fats Avoid the bad fats - saturated fat and hydrogenated fats
Overeating Eat 'cooling foods' to break the vicious circle
Sugar free Cut out fizzy drinks and soft drinks
Sugar free Try redbush tea, soya milk or oat milk
Sugar free Drink plenty of water
White flour Keep white flour out of your diet
Wine Do drink, if you wish, but keep it in moderation
Teeth cleaning Don't neglect your teeth and gums. Some heart diseases are now being linked with poor oral hygiene.
Hair care Choose a style that suits you, not just a style you like
Hair colour Stay within 3 shades, darker or lighter, of your natural hair colour
Hair secrets Choose a style that suits you, not a style you like
Sulphur supplements Take sulphur to help your nails, skin and hair
Sulphur supplements Apply organic liquid sulphur to your hair to strengthen it
Vitamin B A vitamin B complex boost is almost essential for everybody
Vitamin E Take a vitamin E supplement - it's wonderful for staying young

So, go ahead and follow the best beauty secrets for a better look!

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